September Ready Resources & Tools

Sept Ready Report

It’s here! The result of hard work to develop a road map for September.

September Ready Resources & Tools

Sept Ready Resources

We have set up a google drive with all of the supporting documentation we have reviewed or referenced as part of the September Ready Report.

September Ready Resources & Tools

Statewide Ready

The Main Themes

• Sequential Arts Education Must Continue for ALL Students in ALL Instructional Models 

• Proper Staffing and Support Must Provided to Allow Continuity of Instruction Based on Health and Safety Requirements

 • Arts Educators and Administrators Must be Included in the District Planning for School Reopening

• The Social Emotional Learning Needs of Students, Faculty and Staff Must be Addressed in All Aspects of Instruction 

• Professional Development Must be Provided 

• New Jersey Cultural Community Resources Should be Utilized for Additional Instructional Support

September Ready Actions

8 Actions to Take

1. Meet with your Administrator

2. Volunteer to be on Any Re-entry Committee

3. Review your Teaching Environment

4. Network with Your Peers/Facebook Groups 

5. Arm Yourself with Information. Learn About, Use and Embed Social Emotional Learning & The New Standards

6. Make a Plan – Bring SOLUTIONS 

7. Organize to Build Community of Support 

8. Engage Student Voices