Sign the Arts Ed Pledge!

During these times of COVID-19, education in all forms has been disrupted. Whether students are back in school, hybrid learning, or all online, the educational & emotional toll this moment is taking on all students is of critical importance. Our students need to heal, create, and connect and arts education is necessary to the solution.

According to state law, arts education is core curriculum and is a requirement for all students. Arts education is integral to both the academic and social and emotional development of our students. To educate the whole child schools must include the arts.

Multiple studies show  arts education not only decreases feelings of anxiety, depression, and isolation, but also positively impacts all-around academic performance. Schools cannot prioritize social and emotional learning while at the same time de-emphasizing the arts education.

YOU CAN HELP. Take the pledge to be an “Arts Ed Advocate” in New Jersey. Add your name and pledge to take three actions today. Your actions will help keep arts education strong for students in our state.


  1. I will amplify the message that “Arts Are Essential” in all of my communication that advocates for arts education.
  2. I will share information about what’s happening at my local level.
  3. I will engage others to sign the pledge and be arts ed advocates too!
What is your role with Arts Education?
September Ready Actions

Top 8 Actions Now

1. Meet with your Administrator

2. Volunteer to be on Any Re-entry Committee

3. Review your Teaching Environment

4. Network with Your Peers/Facebook Groups 

5. Arm Yourself with Information. Learn About, Use and Embed Social Emotional Learning & The New Standards

6. Make a Plan – Bring SOLUTIONS 

7. Organize to Build Community of Support 

8. Engage Student Voices

Actions Resources & Tools

Action Pathways

Mix & match action to develop an arts-rich school or district.



Be Vocal Now!

There are lots of ways to get the word out about how critical Arts Education is in NJ. Add these hashtags to your posts!





(when you share new and innovative approaches)